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Content Quality is Declining as Platform Efficiency is Increasing.

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

If you aren't putting digital content front & centre of your marketing strategy you are in danger of becoming the next Blockbuster or Toys R Us. If you aren't putting quality front & centre of that content, you are in danger of wasting the money you are spending in the first place.

The targeting and measurement capabilities of digital and social can't be matched by traditional ATL platforms. Yet for some reason, the content being produced for those platforms isn't matching up to what we see in ATL.

Remember the "Drumming Gorilla" for Cadbury , the "Surfers" for Guinness, all those great Nike & adidas ads featuring Ronaldo, Messi and Beckham? If you're of vintage age you may even remember "1984" by Apple, or "Think Different" by the same brand. There are those beautiful travel-themed print ads with the likes of Sean Connery and Bono for Louis Vuitton, that solar powered Nedbank billboard, those wonderful puns on the Century City American Swiss billboard (sadly they aren't very good anymore). Almost every Allan Gray ad produced up to a few years ago, the mouse on the steering wheel created by my former boss, and my personal favourite "Live True" by Dewars. I would even be tempted to throw the ads we did for Weylandts into the mix, if we may be so bold.

Now, remember that amazing web banner? Ok, how about that great Facebook ad? Instagram? LinkedIn? An SMS you got on your phone? A pop-up on your desktop? There must be a YouTube ad you love? No? Nope, me neither.

What is even more perplexing is the significant cost savings the digital platforms can provide over the mass media of yesteryear. You would think the big brands would have budget bursting out of their pockets ready to spend on game-changing content to put on the new platforms? But strangely a perception seems to have crept in that if the media costs less, so can the content.

Of course you can't just make a TV ad and pop it on YouTube, or a beautiful print ad and make it a web banner, the limitations, functionality and how the customer interacts with them is different, but not so different that something emotional won't quadruple your views, triple your clicks, and double your shares. It wreaks of a huge opportunity for challenger-brands to out-perform their bigger competitors by dominating certain platforms with the quality of their advertising.

Hopefully in a few years we'll have a folder in our cloud-drive titled "inspiration" full of digital work, much like I do full of ATL work.

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