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The Role of an Ad is Huge, and Tiny.

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

I see so many ads loaded with information, and I imagine, and have heard, the brand owner giving instruction to the Art Director or Designer...

"Add the new product pics, and the price, and the payoff line, and where you can buy it, and tell them that it's new, and describe what it does, and that there are other varieties in store, and that it's good for your health, oh and put a 20% discount offer sticker on it - make that stand out. Make the picture stand out too, and the logo must be bigger."

"Oh, and don't forget the T's & C's at the bottom"

This scenario plays out all too often in any form of marketing - print, TV, radio, shop window, billboard, web banner, social post/ad. The key point that is being overlooked in this approach is that the more info you add, the less chance anyone will stop to look, and if they don't stop to look - all that info you have in the ad is utterly pointless because it isn't being read.

Brand owners act like book publishers. Publishers constantly have to get the authors to write more and more detail, especially autobiographic authors, so the reader can build a detailed and vivid picture in their mind of the the story that is being told. The difference is that they know someone will be 132 pages into a book they have paid to read, and will be invested and engaged in it!

In advertising, the potential customer has already had 132 brand messages forced upon them on the breakfast news break, car radio, web page at the office, the 100's of billboards in between. They have not asked for, or paid to be shown the content, they have no vested interested, so you as a brand better make it short & sweet, the shorter the sweeter! This is especially so when studies show that Millennials consume ads 2.5 times faster than people in their 60's.

The image and/or headline must be the hero, taking up at least 80% of the ad real estate. After that you can add one single minded proposition (if it isn't already in the headline) a price, and a call-to-action in the form of a website or some other contact detail. That's it. And if that is it, you can imagine how important that image or headline is to grab their attention...but that's a blog for another time...

But what about all that info they "need to know" I hear you cry! That's the job of wherever the ad leads them - usually a website or the in-store experience. That one tiny little action, to click, or to move their feet is the only job of the ad, and it's huge.

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